Choose from professional quality bakeware including: cake, pie, cheesecake, bread, muffin, cookies and specialty desserts. Shop here for an assortment of tools, baking pans and equipment. Call the store for additional items not seen here.

Web products Baking


Web products Baking

Macaroon baking sheet(s) set of two. Makes each cookie the perfect shape and size for professional looking results. Two sheets allows a full recipes to bake at one time.

Price: $26.95

Professional aluminum cake pans for outstanding results each time.

8” x 2” : $9.95 Buy Now
9” x 2” : $11.95 Buy Now
10” x 2” : $12.95 Buy Now
11” x 2” : $13.95 Buy Now
12” x 2” : $14.25 Buy Now

Usa Cookie Sheets


USA Pan Cookie Sheets

13” x 12 ¼” : $24.95 Buy Now
17” x 12 ¼” : $29.75Buy Now

Cuisinart Jelly Roll/Cookie Sheets

Strong non-stick classic sheets for all baking needs

17” x 12” : $24.50 Buy Now
15” x 12” : $19.50 Buy Now

Nordicware Bundt Pans

These iconic pans come in shapes and sizes for every occasion. Cast aluminum ensures even heating for superb results, non-stick interiors make cake removal a easy for each cake.



The elegant Bundt Cake for your most special occasions. Recipe included.

Price: $44.95

Crown Bundt Pan

Bold and beautifully designed with panache for an expression of old world elegance combined with contemporary shapes

Price: $49.95

Rose Bundt Cake Pan

Always a favorite for the occasions which will enjoy elegance in every bite. Recipe included.

Price: $39.95

Anniversary Bundt Pan

The original Bundt design, holds recipes for 10 to 15 cup cakes. A staple for every kitchen. Handles make unmolding the cake very easy to do.

Price: $42.95

Springform pans

Cheesecake pans with removable (textured) bottom for easy release. Waterproof for even baking in a water bath

8”: $13.25 Buy Now
9”: $14.50 Buy Now
10” $17.95 Buy Now

Cheflamme Culinary Torch

Butane Culinary Torch with Fuel Indicator Ideal for Crème Brulee, Custards, Caramelizing Sugard, Flans, Meringues, Bread Puddings.


Cheflamme Culinary Torch

Butane Culinary Torch with Fuel Indicator.
Ideal for Crème Brulee, Custards, Caramelizing Sugars, Flans, Meringues,
Bread Puddings and melting Cheese.

Price: $52.50

Mastrad Siphon Mousses

Metal structure for hot or cold preparations, whipped cream, boulsses, sauces, vegetables and fruits, Cartridge “wand” will provide decorative, shaped whipped cream. Uses N 20 cartridges. Can be used to make soda water also.

Price: $64.95

Cream Whipper Chargers

Cream Whipper Chargers, set of 10. Each charger lasts for multiple uses when stored in the refrigerator. Silver plated gas cartridge is 100% recyclable steel.

Price: $15.95